Why SevenSeers

  • Trustworthy, Confident & Dependability.why_01
  • Quick TAT
  • Dedicated team of consultants with strong domain knowledge
  • Rich Network, built over years of presence in the consulting industry
  • Faster Closures with few quality profiles.
  • An ambitious start-up firm determined to grow…

Our Core Values:

We firmly believe in the statement:

“Nothing great has ever been achieved in the history of mankind, without regarding Human-Values in the first place!”

  • Confidentiality: We understand the sensitivity / importance associated in maintaining the confidentiality of the matter entrusted to us – either be it from the candidate’s end or from the client’s end – we equally regard both & ensure that the confidentiality is maintained.
  • Integrity: We ensure clear communication with our clients on our commitments & deliverables, so that we are on the same page of thought, prior to working on the assignment.
  • Business Ethics: We do not look at our candidates as the only means of earning, and we strongly adhere to the principle of No-poaching/ head-hunting  of candidates placed; especially from our clients where we’ve on an on-going working relation.
  • Flexibility: We‘re flexible on working terms, in-terms of stretching ourselves beyond the commitments on paper, with a focus to meet the ends!
  • Stretchability: We do not consider placing a candidate as the end/ final-stage in our recruitment process.We extend our support to candidates post-placement in various areas of providing guidance on Schooling, locating Residential Property, Financial advisory services etc…  Similarly we also extend our support to our HR partners at the clients place, in providing additional services like CTC-Benchmarking / Third-Party-reference Checks/ Organizing Personality development programs etc… at the request of our clients.
  • Innovation: We ‘re very passionate even with the words like research, create, concept, architect, innovate… At SevenSeers Consulting, we constantly look forward to new ways of supporting the interests of our clients/ candidates; and each-day we ‘re looking at adding a whole new dimension to the term consulting !

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